In-flight Entertainment and shopping


Headphones can be purchased onboard. You may use your own, however you will need a double pin adaptor, these are available to purchase onboard or you may bring your own.

Electronic Equipment

Technology moves at such a fast pace that you may be confused about what electronic equipment you can and can’t use onboard. To help you, we have the following guidelines.

"Mobile telephones can be used if they are in “flight safe” mode"

"Personal CD, DVD, MP3 and MiniDisc players may be used when the seatbelt sign is switched off."

"Wireless devices such as PDAs, laptop computers, electronic games and E-readers may be used onboard if the wireless function is disabled while the seatbelt sign is off.

In-flight Entertainment


Sit back and enjoy our selection of the latest Hollywood blockbuster movies.


A fantastic selection of TV programmes including comedies, entertainment, documentaries and kids shows.


We have a range of music stations with music styles ranging from clasical, jazz to chart or dance to help you relax.

Download the Entertainment Guide

In-flight enertainment is available on our medium and longhaul flights. We are currently updating our fleet and will be introducing entertainment to shorthaul flights shortly.

Medium Haul Flights Aircraft B757-200 & B767-A321 (1.5mb) Download »

Longhaul flights Aircraft A330 (1.8mb) Download »

Due to the different types of entertainment systems on offer, availability can't be guaranteed.

Cafe Cloud - Bar & Bites

Treat yourself to a hearty meal or take your pick from our wide selection of snacks and drinks. There are some great deals to be had.

Download »

Shopping Emporium

Detailed in our latest guide are the items we have available for sale on our flights. Full details are contained within. Enjoy!

Download »

Travel Magazine

Its got lots of great travel articles plus information about your flight and the aircraft. Download size approx: 32.2mb.

Download »

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Terms and Condtions

*calls to the customer help desk are charged at 5.2 pence per minute. Please check with your service provider for any additional charges.

Availability of entertainment advertised can't be guaranteed.